Sunday, May 5, 2019

Expanding Tabitha's Leadership Team

Our top leadership team is growing!  For the past 13 years Peris and I have been working together to give leadership to the Tabitha Ministry.  Three years ago, Julie Ganey, a gifted younger missionary, joined us.   And then a year ago, we chose five of our top center leaders in which to invest even more. It is so fun to watch their gifts and personalities blossoming  as they are given increased responsibilities. 

In our monthly meetings we are currently studying Nehemiah together. Worship, prayer, reports and planning for our next trainings are also a part of our times together.

I had the joy of watching part of the team in action at a recent training seminar.  Not long ago, Peris, Julie, and I were the main trainers.  But now these gifted women are leading and doing a superb job.

Among other lessons,  a skit about how NOT to lead a study…
Monica, the teacher, arrives late, unprepared, with no time left to teach or pray.
 A talk on the importance of maintaining your personal relationship with Christ.
Beatrice explaining how to listen to the Lord as you meditate on the Word.
A three-legged race to illustrate principles of the leader and her assistant working well together.

I recently took a group of these leaders to Kapkisiara where Tabitha Minstry is just getting started.  A pastor and his wife are spearheading the movement and we are excited to see what God will do in this new area.  The leaders’ gifts shone as they ministered, made new friends, and encouraged the new leaders there.

Alice, left, listening to a member recite her verses.

Our leaders with the Tabitha study members at Kapkisiara AGC.
They listened to 42 women say their verses in order to earn their own Bibles.
Leaders at a Global Leadership Summit
Attending the Global Leadership Summit was stretching for the team. We followed up with a day of planning and prayer, discussing our strengths and weaknesses, and areas where we can improve.  These women know how to pray, and it is exciting to see how God is moving us ahead together.  Thank God for them, and pray that He will draw each of us deeper into Him as we seek to serve Him together.

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