Sunday, September 23, 2012

Training Servant Leaders

178 village Bible studies
400 Bible study leaders

This means we need on-going leadership training!   We have seven seminars for leaders planned for this year.  About sixty leaders attended our fourth and  most recent one in Mongango the end of August.

 The three-legged race is a good place to begin, in discussing working together as leader and assistant. 
Prayer is the natural follow-up as the leadership teams discuss problems and bring them to the Lord.
Choosing the ONE THING that is important in your personal life (Luke 10:38-42)
Working closely as leader and assistant.
Depending on the Lord in prayer
Good lesson preparations
Practical responsibilities of leaders
These are the topics we cover, using Scripture, games, and illustrations. 
The leaders are eager to share their songs and dramas that are a part of the Bible studies they lead, and we share a great day in fellowship.

Thank God with us for raising up leaders who love the Lord and His Word. 

Pray that each one would grow in their relationship with Jesus, and in their ability to teach others the truth of God’s Word.