Monday, February 17, 2014

Bible Study Ministries

The main purpose of Tabitha Ministry is to draw people to Jesus Christ through the study of His Word.  Since beginning with a study of three women in 2005, the ministry has grown to having 180 local studies in 2013, with over 2000 women involved weekly in the study of God's Word.

This is possible through the tiers of leadership we have in place.  Linda writes the weekly studies and Peris and her husband translate them into Kipsigis. Our top eight center leaders and their assistants meet monthly with Peris and Linda to do one study, give reports and worship and pray together.  They receive four studies at that time.  Each week these center leaders teach their overall and some local leaders the study, and then those leaders go out to teach other leaders, or their village studies.

We work hard to connect these studies with the local churches. Each study must have a local pastor counselor. Each time a new leader is appointed, their pastor must affirm them. Local problems are resolved locally, with input from the pastors of the women involved. We meet periodically with pastors and Bible study leaders of the various areas, for fellowship and leadership training. The pastors and Bible study leaders develop lists of needy people in their area and priorities for helping them, working with Tabitha. It is a joy to see them empowered and growing in working together for the good of God’s kingdom.

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