Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God's Word gives HOPE

After two years in Acts, we have completed this series of Bible studies in our village Bible studies. Eighty-nine lessons, and 89 memory verses later, many women have been encouraged by studying the early church and the life of Paul. Jane, a new contact from a Bible study about an hour away, visited me recently, to express her thanks to God for these studies. She has experienced a lot of hardship in her life, including two bad marriages, a daughter with a brain tumor, other illnesses, and on-going poverty. She said she had not imagined there ever existed someone with problems as bad as hers, until she read about Paul's life and ministry. Through these studies she has found great encouragement in the Lord. In her words, "Now I have found hope. I am so thankful." This is just one testimony among hundreds of women feeding on God's Word each week.

(Side note: Last month the second most frequent cause for admission on Tenwek's medical ward was suicide attempts. These people really need to know the HOPE in Jesus!)

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