Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I Commit You to God...


The Top Tabitha Bible study leaders

“Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” Acts 20:32

Leaving Kenya after 17 years of life and ministry in November brought a mixture of emotions.  John and I were at peace that it was time to return to the States, and we loved the idea of living closer to our family.  But closing the Kenya chapter wasn’t all easy, and leaving my beloved Tabitha Ministry leaders was the toughest part.  We have worked side by side for years and have seen God do so much!  But, as Paul committed his elders at Ephesus to the Lord in this passage from Acts 20, I also committed these women of God into the loving hands of God and into the word of his grace.

It was a joy to participate in five main Tabitha celebrations with about 600 leaders plus pastors to recount the mighty works of the Lord.   Each gathering had testimonies of lives changed, leaders developed, churches built up, and women and husbands who have come to Christ. 

Celebration/Farewell at Silibwet

Hellen, a leader in the Mongango area, testifying of God's dramatic change in her life when she met Jesus.

And of course there were songs, skits, gifts and the essential cake sharing.

Mugutma Center leaders blessing me with a plaque

Feeding the first piece of cake to Peris at the Silibwet Celebration.

Remembering how God has so marvelously worked, it leaves me with full confidence of his continued faithfulness to build his church, using Tabitha Ministry as he chooses.  He has raised up humble, committed leaders on three different levels of leadership in 250 village Bible studies.  He loves them and will continue his good work in them and through them.

Just some of our Bible study leaders, at the Makimeny Celebration, most of these having served for ten years or more.

Julie, Peris and I at a house mudding.  We loved working together in all kinds of ways!

I am especially thankful for Peris Rotich and Julie Ganey, who will continue to co-lead Tabitha Ministry, as they had been doing with me for years. What a faithful God we all serve, who will complete the good work he has begun!

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