Sunday, November 28, 2021



My most consistent prayer for Tabitha these past six months has been to get the studies we have published off the shelves and into the Church.  God is at work!  And we are encouraged!  The following  conversations are just from the last week:

All of our students at the Kaboson Pastors’ Training College worked through your study on Joshua in their small groups this past term.  The well-developed questions are really helpful in getting to the meaning of the passage for each of us.  (Rev. Willy Kosgei, Principal, KPTC) 

Graduates from KPTC November 2021

Rev. Stephen Ngenoh, former principal of KPTC, with his wife, Alice

The Tabitha leader in my local church in Moburo  and I are leading a Bible class before the church service for everyone, studying Joshua, using the English and Kipsigis versions of the study. (Alice Ngenoh,  recently retired Academic Dean for KPTC)

Betty Mutai, Tabitha leader at Moburo, leading the Bible class with Alice

Pastor Joseph Sang

I have used several lessons from your Walking with God through Crises for my sermons and then we get into small groups and work through the questions.  (Pastor Sang)

We can help you get these studies into a free digital format on an app available to everyone who has a smart phone. ( A British visitor, CEO of African Pastors Fellowship)

WOW!  We are thrilled!    Praise God for using these studies to get people into His life-changing Word.  This gives us extra motivation to complete the John and Acts studies that we are presently working on.  Pray for God’s anointing on this process and his continued using of the studies already done, for men, women and youth in our churches.



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