Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Faithful Leader

Having married into a family who brewed the local alcohol for a living, Florence was used to attending a church on Sunday mornings, only to come home and return to her brewing.  Church had little meaning for her. Some years into her marriage, her father-in-law died. A new Bible-believing church had begun nearby and they reached out to the family in their grief.  As a result, Florence came to understand the salvation message and gave her life to Jesus Christ.

God changed her life and very soon after, she began teaching other women the Word, gifted by the Holy Spirit in making biblical truths clear.  About that time, a Tabitha women’s Bible study was begun in her neighborhood, and she began attending.  Within a year, her gifts were recognized and she became the main teacher for the weekly study.

Florence with five of her nine children
Florence thanks God for the change in her life and in her family through the study of God’s Word.  She left brewing and God has helped her flourish in her gardening and small business so that her family is well cared for.  There is peace in their home, and the children are growing up to fear and love God.  Twelve years since her conversion, she continues to faithfully teach God’s Word and live it out. 
Betty and Florence

The day Peris and I visited Florence, our friend Betty, who came to know Jesus in 2006 through the Bible studies, accompanied us.  Unbeknownst to Peris and me, Betty and Florence had been friends in their before-Christ days.  Betty always knew she could get a free drink from Florence on Sundays.  Praise God for the change he has brought into both of their lives and families since then.  The bond these women have in Christ goes beyond anything the world can give.

Florence is moving into top leadership in Tabitha in her area in May.  Pray she will be able to mentor other leaders and share with them her enthusiasm and skills in teaching God’s Word. Pray that each member of the studies will have their roots go down deeply into Christ as they study, meditate on and memorize God’s Word.

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