Monday, May 2, 2016

“We will weed your field, if you will please teach us the Bible!”

Sally's field
"We will weed your field if you will teach us the Bible." These were the words of the ladies of Kibaraa to Sally, a woman who had recently moved into their area.  They had tasted the sweetness of God’s Word earlier, when another new arrival had taught them the Bible for a short time.  When they found out Sally had moved from the same village, and that she had also been part of a Tabitha Bible study, they eagerly asked her to teach them the Word.

To their delight, Sally agreed, and for the last year she has led a steadily growing group of women in a weekly study of John.  But with only a handful of Bibles among them, it was difficult to lead the studies. They have worked hard at learning the 17 verses needed to earn a Bible, and on March 20 Peris and I, along with five other Tabitha leaders, escorted 69 Bibles to the Kibaraa Church to present them to these women. 
A three-hour road trip singing much of the way!
Bibles boxed and ready for distribution
What a celebration we had!  The women receiving the Bibles could have danced all day!

God moved as we worshiped together.  Pastors from six churches attended, excited about the possibility of helping the studies to spread to their villages, too. 

Pray for Sally, who made a new commitment to dedicate herself to continuing the spread of God’s Word in the area.  Now, a month later, Sally teaches the Bible study each week to five leaders who are leading their own local studies.  The Word spreads on!

Sally, the Bible teacher in Kibaraa

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