Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Precious than Gold, Sweeter than Honey!

The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart...they are more precious than gold...they are sweeter than honey...  Psalm 19:8-10

Two hundred seventeen more women received their own Bibles at
Chelemei Deliverance Church this Sunday.  There was great rejoicing and celebration!

Bibles at the front of the church

Teaching about what happens when God's Word is neglected, and the impact one person can make when they take the Word of God seriously, from II Kings 21-23.

Peris and the top Tabitha leaders present sing Psalm 146 - 
"I will praise the Lord all my life...
Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
 whose hope is in the Lord his God..."

Pastors from fifteen different churches came to join the festivities,
 presenting the Bibles to the women in their own congregations. 
Each pastor enthusiastically thanked the donors for the precious gifts of the Bibles.

Joyfully leading the ladies forward is Ruth Milgo, the Tabitha Overall Bible study leader from  Kipisoronik. Every week she has been teaching the leaders of fifteen studies in this area. 

One by one, they proudly received their hard-earned Bible.
 Each one must say 17 prescribed verses at one sitting to earn a Bible.

Each woman who received a Bible has a story of her journey with Jesus.  This mama came to Christ just last December when she was put in jail for a few days.  While in the cell, she gave her life to Christ, and on getting released a few days later, she immediately began attending church and a women's Bible study in her town.  She learned her verses, recited them last month, and this day she led the singing of praise and thanksgiving after receiving her very own Bible!  Praise God.  He changes lives!

Can you feel their joy as they sing and dance to the Lord?
Thank you to all of you who have had a part in this ministry.
  Pray that  these ladies will read the Word daily and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. How wonderful, Linda! This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing these pictures. So happy for the ladies!

  2. Hi Lin! Just read the blog post thoroughly. Praising God for His Word and His power that changes lives! So glad for this tangible evidence(earning Bibles) of commitment to Him and His Word>