Friday, April 17, 2020

"Sheltering at Home"

What does “Sheltering at Home” mean to you?

To David Langat, his wife and eight children it meant gathering in this small hut, which leaked when it rained and was very cramped!  A local church recently recognized their need, and came to their assistance.  They organized themselves to build the framework and doors, and asked Tabitha Ministry to help with the roofing.  Last month they completed the modest new house, now waterproof, with space for everyone to sleep.  David has been an alcoholic for years, and his family suffers.  But now they have daily evidence of God’s love for them.  Pray with us that David will turn to Christ and find victory in his life.  Pray for his wife to be strengthened in her faith, and for the children to choose to follow Christ.  And pray for the local Christians to continue to reach out to this needy family.

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